Our Objective

At the Labs to Clinic, we want to promote science and communications to establish prolific collaborations among researchers working on different aspects of the life sciences, preclinical and clinical scientist and doctors, working to improve patient's lives.

About us

With growing challenges in the field of drug discovery and curing diseases, there is an unmet need to establish communication and foster good collaboration among researchers working at Academic institutions, in Industries and in Clinic to facilitate their research findings as novel treatment strategies. Mutual interdisciplinary collaborative interactions offer a great opportunity to accelerate the conclusive research outcomes and bringing innovations in the health sector. Our mission is to work together and contribute to the knowledge working for the development of NSC (Novel, Safe and Cost-effective) drugs. Our combined effort will allow us to address global challenges in the field of translational research.

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(Our Inspiration)

Nobel Laureate: Har Gobind Khorana

Academic Researcher

Nobel Laureate: Louis Pasteur

Industrial Researcher

Nobel Laureate: Robert Koch


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